Sometimes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re worthy or not. And questioning whether or not you deserve something can bring a lot of unhappiness. Because maybe your situation has nothing to do with how worthy you are. Maybe it’s simply the hand you’ve been dealt. The way out of this is responsibility. Because here you are.… Continue reading WORTHY


When you’re having trouble with a project you’re working on, it’s often only one aspect of the project that gives you trouble. Your entire focus zooms in on one sticking point that you can’t get past. If it’s a creative endeavor, and you’re the one doing the creating, it’s usually a good idea to just… Continue reading FIND THE THING


In life, do one thing with consistency. Not because that thing is impressive or difficult. That’s actually counterproductive because that would be exhausting and wear you out before you do anything interesting. Do it because it serves as a foundation for the second thing you decide to do. The second thing might be more interesting.… Continue reading DO ONE THING


If you’re struggling with anxiety and exhaustion one of the most valuable things you can do is make decisions more quickly. Besides running from a lion, trying to make a choice between two options is one of the most exhausting things you can do. And it makes you anxious because anxiety is the experience of… Continue reading DECISIVENESS


Decision fatigue is real. There’s a reason why Steve Jobs wore the same turtleneck all the time and Jack Dorsey can always be seen in sandals and a hoodie. Simplicity is useful. When the number of options is reduced we can see the ones left more clearly. And if the options left for that decision… Continue reading DECISION FATIGUE


If you’re afraid of doing what you need to do in life then think about this. There is no reward without risk. In other words, to get something you want, you have to try something that might not work. We have to do something dangerous. This is an inescapable fact of reality. But trying things… Continue reading IF YOU’RE AFRAID


Anytime there’s a disconnect, there’s an opportunity to create immense value in connecting. If you’re working in a field where there’s usually technical expertise but they’re lacking in social expertise, then there are ways for you to bring value by using your social expertise to connect people in ways they wouldn’t be able to otherwise.… Continue reading CONNECT


A teacher can’t teach you a skill. A teacher can only show you a route to learn a skill. Do you really think someone who’s studied something for twenty years can make you like them in a month or a year? And even if you spent twenty years with the teacher then that teacher will… Continue reading A TEACHER

We Need More Kings

We need more kings. We need more leaders. We need more people to step up. And if you think you’re a badass then you’ll have enough self worth to try, and that’s a big deal. The world gets better when individual people choose to make it better. It’s not a given that life on earth… Continue reading We Need More Kings