Listening to your own instinct is an important element of strength. And listening to your own instincts results in better outcomes over time. If you have an instinct to do or say something and you don’t act on it because you’re not sure about it or concerned about other people will think, then you won’t… Continue reading TRUSTING INSTINCTS


You have to understand that some things are valued more than other things. It’s easier to make money settling a business dispute than it is cleaning a house. It’s easier to make money selling ad space than posters. And it’s easier to make money in finance than in gardening. This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make… Continue reading VALUE


Let’s say you could only save ten dollars a week, you invested that ten dollars in the stock market, and you did this for ten weeks. It doesn’t sound like much. But now you’ve accomplished something and that tends to make you want to do more. So for the next ten weeks you picked up… Continue reading WHAT TYPE OF PERSON


The reason a magician is someone who learns about magic and still believes in it is because of the expression familiarity breeds contempt. We get cool kid syndrome, and we like to tell the people around us, “I already understand that. You didn’t know? That’s the boring stuff for newbies.” And we get addicted to… Continue reading WHERE MAGIC COMES FROM


Failure causes depression and success causes anxiety. You’ve got something difficult to deal with in both directions. It’s just a different flavor. And many people would argue anxiety is worse. Success causes anxiety because it’s new. When things are working, you have less information than when they didn’t work. Because you’re not used to things… Continue reading SUCCESS ANXIETY


There’s this smile that exists. It’s the smile Bruce Banner has when he’s sitting on a yoga mat at the end of the hulk movie with Edward Norton. His eyes turn green and he knows that he’s in touch with the monster. It’s the smile of Arya Stark at the end of game of thrones… Continue reading THE SMILE


Different people live on different time scales. This is a really common source of misunderstandings. Some people are wired to live in a more present moment. These people are often more expressive about a day to day change that happens in their life but adapt to it more quickly. Others are wired for more long… Continue reading TIME SCALE


If you ever want to go far in life, you have to know this. There are an infinite number of things you aren’t good at. And there are a finite number of things you can do. This means you could spend your entire life doing things you’re bad at without ever tapping into your real… Continue reading TO GO FAR IN LIFE


When trying to learn something, it’s important to understand whether you’re struggling with a specific point, or a transition from one specific point to another. Usually we mistake our difficulties in learning with an inability to understand or carry out one specific element of what we’re learning, when really we’re struggling with the transition between… Continue reading TRANSITION BETWEEN SKILLS


There are two ways to change your situation. You can either change the situation or change how you feel about the situation. You can do one of those two things, or stay right where you are. Those are your only options. We often get stuck when we look for solutions that don’t exist. Getting clear… Continue reading SITUATION