If you don’t want to be anxious then you must not lead with anxiety. Because each time you let your anxiety make a decision for you it reinforces it. It says that yes, you were correct to be anxious in that scenario and now you should look for more reasons to be anxious. Acting on… Continue reading LEADING WITH ANXIETY


If you’re afraid to go into the darker corners of your mind, because you think you might not come back out, then try using this to help. Our mind gets stuck when it’s caught in a loop. And when we explore our darker thoughts, our loops are often fantasies or daydreams of a sort. The… Continue reading DARK PLACES


If you can organize your life so that you do one useful thing a day you can do incredible things. Obviously, you’re going to do more than one thing in a day. The chores have to get done and you have to eat food and take a shower and do all the things you do.… Continue reading ONE THING


Imagine your life story is like a rubber band pulled tight. Your life story is everything about the way you are, how much money you make, how much you weigh, and what kind of friends you have. And if you gain weight, or go into debt past what’s acceptable according to the story you believe… Continue reading RUBBER BAND


Money is a human invention. But that doesn’t mean it’s meaningless. Many ideas have created unimaginable positive effects over history and money is an idea. It’s an idea of using an object that’s limited enough to be scarce, but common enough to be owned by anyone to represent value. You can argue all day whether… Continue reading MONEY IS AN IDEA


If you’re having trouble moving from the planning phase to the action phase, consider that you might be assuming that you need to have everything figured out ahead of time. Not even rocket launches are done with everything figured out ahead of time. This is a really bad assumption. If you’re starting a business and… Continue reading PLANNING TO ACTION


If you’re unable to say ‘no’ to someone in your life it might be happening for several reasons. One, is that it might be making you nervous. And if it’s too scary then the solution is to say no more often to smaller things that don’t feel like a big deal. You need practice. Another… Continue reading SAYING NO


We often set an impossibly high bar for ourselves and then call that bar normal and shame ourselves for not hitting it. But that makes you feel like death. It makes you want to curl up in the fetal position in your closet. What if instead you recognized your weaknesses, and understood that what you’re… Continue reading WILD DREAMS


If you’re feeling used or tired or stepped on you need to know this. There is no reason for society not to ask everything of you. Because if you accept, then society will drain you of everything you have until there’s nothing left. It will have won by harvesting you as a resource. But if… Continue reading SOCIETY ASKS FOR EVERYTHING


You rest by getting yourself out of fight or flight mode into a state of recuperation. Technically, it’s called the parasympathetic nervous system. To do this you have to understand what gets your body there. It’s different for different people. Some people need to play an aggressive sport so that when they lay down to… Continue reading STATE MANAGEMENT