Enlightenment doesn’t obey your rules. And the path to becoming a better person is available no matter what you’re doing with your life. People think that someone who lives a life pursuing pleasure and success can’t develop as a person. But they often learn faster than the ones who don’t. Because they go straight toward… Continue reading DON’T LIMIT ENLIGHTENMENT


Anxiety can become a temptation you want to indulge in all the time because you think it might solve your problems. Because anxiety is a part of problem-solving and it works. It helps you come up with solutions. But solving a problem takes two steps. Coming up with a solution and then acting on that… Continue reading ANXIETY AND TEMPTATION


If you view people as primarily bad… If you view them as a negative force in the universe, then you are at a great disadvantage. And if you believe that in the battle between good and evil, evil usually wins. You’d be wrong. Let me explain why: You’re not dead. Evil takes chaos and order… Continue reading EVIL IS BORING


If you’re burned out because you’ve been working really hard then you need to know that your brain will probably try to stop you from taking a break. If you’re a person who works hard then you work hard because you think it’s the right thing to do. You either feel proud, excited, or at… Continue reading IF YOU’RE BURNED OUT


Learn to apply your knowledge as quickly as possible. If you’re learning a new skill, learn a small enough section of it that you can go do it well. Because we often think that the only thing we have to practice is the skill. But we actually have to practice doing things well too. Doing… Continue reading DON’T BE PERFECT


Life is getting better on earth. It doesn’t have to. But it is. The fundamental aspects of scientific thought argue that without careful attention, the organized elements of life fall apart. And yet humanity lives up to it’s potential a little bit more every year. The life expectancy of people goes up over time. Which… Continue reading LIFE IS GETTING BETTER


If you’re struggling with self doubt don’t waste time trying to believe in yourself. Just do something that gives you a clear positive result. The way to do that is pick an action that’s smaller and humbler than you think you should do. If you have self doubt and feel like you’re running against things… Continue reading SELF DOUBT


Your life will have less panic in it if you set internal limitations instead of battling external ones. Spending less money than you make is setting an internal limitation that stops you from running against the defeating reality that you can’t afford something. Choosing to go to bed early or check out of the party… Continue reading SET INTERNAL LIMITATIONS


If you’re a creative and having trouble picking a niche speed up how fast you make things. This is probably the opposite of what you’re doing. Most of us, when we’re unsure of what to create we slow down to figure it out. But if you’re a creative person you’re problem is too many ideas,… Continue reading SPEED UP TO NICHE


A teacher can’t teach you a skill. A teacher can only show you a route to learn a skill. Do you really think someone who’s studied something for twenty years can make you like them in a month or a year? And even if you spent twenty years with the teacher then that teacher will… Continue reading A TEACHER