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Anxiety can become a temptation you want to indulge in all the time because you think it might solve your problems.

Because anxiety is a part of problem-solving and it works.

It helps you come up with solutions.

But solving a problem takes two steps. Coming up with a solution and then acting on that solution.

And anxiety isn’t action.

But if you think of anxiety as a useful part of the equation then you can look at where you are in life and decide that now is not the time for anxiety. It’s a time for action. And if you truly believe this then you can set the anxiety down, even for a couple of seconds.

Or choose to act while anxious. And things will get better. Because living with nothing in your life but anxiety is overwhelming. But living with anxiety and action is difficult but doable. And a part of you knows you can take it.

Pay attention to your anxiety and let it tell you what it believes is important. But then make your own decisions and choose to move forward, whether your anxiety wants you to or not.

It’s incredibly difficult, and your mind will protest, but if you do it anyway, in time, your mind will let go, relax, and say thank you.

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