When trying to learn something, it’s important to understand whether you’re struggling with a specific point, or a transition from one specific point to another. Usually we mistake our difficulties in learning with an inability to understand or carry out one specific element of what we’re learning, when really we’re struggling with the transition between… Continue reading TRANSITION BETWEEN SKILLS


There are two ways to change your situation. You can either change the situation or change how you feel about the situation. You can do one of those two things, or stay right where you are. Those are your only options. We often get stuck when we look for solutions that don’t exist. Getting clear… Continue reading SITUATION


If you have trouble with burning yourself out on too many activities think about it this way. Resting can be an act of power. If you have trouble resting you probably don’t think about it as a powerful thing. You might even view rest as failure, where you rest when you give up. But if… Continue reading REST


It can be a terrible mistake to listen to the advice of someone skilled who finds what they do to be easy. Because the people who do things naturally often have no idea how they actually do it. They just rationalize after the fact to explain it. Those rationalizations become what they teach and it… Continue reading WHEN IT COMES NATURALLY


The body is the mind and the mind is the body. The more you separate the two, the more you detach from reality, useful realizations, and lose your physical, mental, and emotional health. If you spend your time doing a lot of mental work. Then you’ve gotta get out of your head and do something… Continue reading THE BODY IS THE MIND


When you’re a productive person with ambition there’s no end to the things you should do So eventually you have to decide you’ll stop otherwise you will only stop from exhaustion when there is no other option and you will be consumed with guilt. Don’t make the mistake of only putting limits on your pleasure.You… Continue reading THE THINGS YOU SHOULD DO


Work is one of the sneakier addictions because it makes you feel like you’re doing the right thing. You can feel good about yourself as you grind yourself into the dust and feel better than everyone lazier than you as you slowly lose sight of why you were working in the first place. When you’re… Continue reading WORK ADDICTION


This is your life. You get one. What will you do? There are infinite problems to solve and infinite ways that you can suffer and you will suffer because that’s an inevitable part of the human experience. But what’ll you do? Will you choose to make it your own or will you decide that the… Continue reading WHAT WILL YOU DO?


Sometimes, it doesn’t matter whether you’re worthy or not. And questioning whether or not you deserve something can bring a lot of unhappiness. Because maybe your situation has nothing to do with how worthy you are. Maybe it’s simply the hand you’ve been dealt. The way out of this is responsibility. Because here you are.… Continue reading WORTHY


When you’re having trouble with a project you’re working on, it’s often only one aspect of the project that gives you trouble. Your entire focus zooms in on one sticking point that you can’t get past. If it’s a creative endeavor, and you’re the one doing the creating, it’s usually a good idea to just… Continue reading FIND THE THING