If you’re having trouble getting anything done it might be because you’re not bored enough. It’s really popular to believe in using will power to accomplish big things. But you also can just let yourself get so bored that you can’t stand not doing what you want to do. We never give ourselves the opportunity… Continue reading YOU’RE NOT BORED ENOUGH


If you have something simple or easy that you know will improve your life, but you’re distracted by other stuff your brain thinks is more important, it’s because you’re in scarcity. You don’t believe that the task ahead of you is enough. Even though you know it’s important, it also feels like a risk. And… Continue reading BELIEVING IT’S ENOUGH


What you want comes at a cost. This isn’t some fuzzy concept of spiritual sacrifice applied in a metaphorical way. This is real and based in the laws of physics. It’s based in the first law of motion that says an object will move in the same direction until force is applied to change that… Continue reading SACRIFICE IS REAL


Normalize being delighted and amazed. We often feel miserable because we have gotten so used to everything good in our lives that we can’t even notice the good things. This happens because the human mind is designed to expend energy on problems and be as efficient as possible everywhere else. So you’re wired to look… Continue reading NORMALIZE BEING DELIGHTED


If you’re struggling to succeed at something, the most useful thing you can do is engineer a success in an area of your life that you have more control over. When you succeed at something your body chemistry changes. Your serotonin levels shift, your posture changes, and you become more relaxed, energetic, and capable. In… Continue reading BODY CHEMISTRY


Refusing to accept your darker desires makes you vulnerable to them. Hanging on to the idea that you want to be nice all the time and you just want to make everything better for everyone is not a very honest way to see yourself. Because the human animal comes with an infinite set of feelings.… Continue reading DARKER DESIRES


If you’re struggling to trust someone and you want to develop your trust in them, understand that you will never feel like you trust someone until after you’ve engaged in the act of trusting them. Trust is not earned. It’s developed. Because there is nothing one person can do to completely remove another person’s fear.… Continue reading DEVELOP YOUR TRUST


If you want to be successful in life you have to optimize for luck. Don’t eat a healthy diet, workout regularly, learn something new everyday, spend less than you make and invest the difference every month just because it gives you consistently good results. Do it because it makes you healthy, and capable of taking… Continue reading OPTIMIZE FOR LUCK


The difference between a craving and a desire is simple. A craving is something that you want and when you get it you are less. A desire is something you want and when you get it you are more. Desire is the most powerful force in the universe and most of us avoid it because… Continue reading WANTING STUFF


If you want to be likable then you have to be willing to offend the people around you. This is because we like people that are willing to take risks and aren’t too concerned with what others think. This doesn’t mean you should actively be offensive. This means you need to stop putting all your… Continue reading IF YOU WANT TO BE LIKEABLE