Come up with bad ideas. A lot of them. The ability to come up with ideas is a skill. and anything that’s a skill is naturally something you’re pretty bad at when you start doing it. This means you have to come up with bad ideas in order to come up with good ones. Perfectionism… Continue reading BAD IDEAS


Set up useful limitations and understand the ones that are already in place. Limitations are a set of walls that make you feel safe enough to play. Whether you’re coming up with creative things to do in bed or painting the next Mona Lisa, rules make great things possible. To decide what color scheme you’ll… Continue reading LIMITATIONS


When we think about making our lives better we often think about chasing our dreams. But if you’ve been chasing your dreams and life isn’t better then there’s something else to do. What if you improved life by making it smaller? Chasing your dreams is great and you should do it. But if it’s crushing… Continue reading CHASING DREAMS VS LIMITATIONS


Stop looking for the answer that solves everything. Because the best information gives you more questions than answers. And if you’re looking for the answer that fixes your life, you’ll never find it. Because the answer is to learn to live with the questions. Learn how to move forward even when you’re feeling unsure. And… Continue reading STOP LOOKING FOR THE ANSWER


Imagine your potential as a tiny spark in the dark. And it’s your job to make it burn brighter. If you don’t give yourself the oxygen of effort and rest it will burn out. If you give it the weight of too many tasks you’ll smother it. But if you give it the fuel of… Continue reading THE SPARK OF POTENTIAL


I believe that honesty and positive intention are the key to getting good results. Because if you only believe in honesty, you can turn it into a weapon that destroys and manipulates. You can insult and hurt others way more than a liar could. And if you only believe in having a positive intention you… Continue reading TWO IMPORTANT VALUES