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We often set an impossibly high bar for ourselves and then call that bar normal and shame ourselves for not hitting it.

But that makes you feel like death. It makes you want to curl up in the fetal position in your closet.

What if instead you recognized your weaknesses, and understood that what you’re trying to achieve is very very difficult and it’s fine and normal for you to fall on your face trying to live up to that level of expectation.

But within that ineptitude there are a couple of tiny things you can do that are worth doing. And you do them and stick out your chest and feel cocky and confident and proud about it.

And you recognized those tiny things were actually significant and you praised yourself for them and did them again tomorrow.

I suspect that if you did this for a couple of days you would have a good week. And if you did it for a couple of years you would become a new person who was capable of the wild dreams that are burning inside of you right now.

Watch the video version below.