We Need More Kings

We need more kings.

We need more leaders.

We need more people to step up.

And if you think you’re a badass then you’ll have enough self worth to try, and that’s a big deal.

The world gets better when individual people choose to make it better.

It’s not a given that life on earth will get better, but it has for thousands of years because people chose to step up.

In their own ways, they chose to be kings.

And they’re still the rarest breed on earth.

The life of the people around you will get better if you think of yourself as a king and choose to be a good one.

It’s okay to be full of yourself from time to time. Life will slap it out of you when you go too far. Just take a note and make an adjustment. It doesn’t mean you should never have pride ever again.

It’s really easy to assume that we shouldn’t think highly of ourselves because that would mean we’re being too cocky. But the truth is a lot of us aren’t cocky enough.

Being a badass doesn’t mean being an ass.

And thinking of yourself as a king doesn’t mean you’re automatically a bad one.

It just means you have enough serotonin in your system to try to be a good one.