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If you’re a creative, visionary person, you should do realistic things.

This isn’t because you can’t make your vision come true. It’s because you’re already good at envisioning things and now you need to keep it together.

In some cases you should just play to your strengths. And if you can imagine a great piece of art or music or a multinational corporation you should go for it. But you should execute on your vision by doing simple small things that are a bit pathetic that make you proud to get them done.

Because to be a visionary is to put a guiding star in the sky to move towards. But you still need to walk on the curving path in front of you.

When we imagine an epic creation we often try to make it. But our vision of an epic creation isn’t the thing itself, it’s a reference point in the sky for us to look up to occasionally.

If your day is full of grand visions, then your mind is full of something that isn’t the work.

Look up to who you could become every once in a while.

Then go do something you can get done today.

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