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You have to understand that some things are valued more than other things.

It’s easier to make money settling a business dispute than it is cleaning a house. It’s easier to make money selling ad space than posters. And it’s easier to make money in finance than in gardening.

This doesn’t mean you shouldn’t make posters or garden. It doesn’t mean you can’t make a lot of money doing it. And it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t factor in the things you love and the things that drive you crazy.

But some things statistically will make you more money. And if you know that, then you can make a better decision on what to do.

You can do many things in life, and only one of them has to make money. You can do one highly profitable activity and four unprofitable things and have an immensely better life than doing five unprofitable things or trying to do one thing you love and forcing it into profitability.

It’s important to know this. It’s important to know that obtaining money doesn’t have to rule your life. It can be one of many things you do.

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