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The shadow is the place where the power lies.

We’re terrified of it. The angry beast inside of us is the thing that could get us kicked out of our tribe. It’s the outlier, it’s the wildcard.

We fear how powerful we are because we know it’s true. Looking inside yourself and seeing how capable of rage, passion, destruction, and creation you are is like looking into the depths of the ocean or the blackness of space.

It’s the dragon, the kraken, the leviathan. It’s unfathomable, because it’s a constantly shifting force of order and chaos that holds immeasurable power.

This is literally the most frightening thing that exists. Because the truth is, you aren’t afraid of the dragon. You are one.

But if you look inside yourself and accept it, then face the world and carefully practice letting that power flow into your work and into your life. Then you will be the stuff that kings are made of.

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