The Age Of Curation

I’ve thought about this for a long time. And I think the information age is over. I think we’ve entered the age of curation.

The expression, “Knowledge is power.” Has fueled us for years. And it’s true. But in a world with an abundance of data the power begins to come from the ability to sort through knowledge and utilize it more effectively.

People learn by copying others because there’s always been too much information. A child three thousand years ago looked up to parents and became like them in an attempt to survive the wilderness and avoid the inevitable death that would come from indecision at a key moment.

The rise of online influencers isn’t shallow or insignificant. It’s another attempt of humanity at filtering data. It’s a big deal.

We’re desperately trying to find people who have sorted through information and thrived so that we too, can thrive.

Every person is a filtration system of information and the ones who survive represent useful data.

This is becoming more important the more information exists in readily available formats.

The people who curate knowledge by showing an aspect of their lives that they believe has value, allows the free market of human choice to adapt and thrive.