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Failure causes depression and success causes anxiety. You’ve got something difficult to deal with in both directions. It’s just a different flavor.

And many people would argue anxiety is worse. Success causes anxiety because it’s new.

When things are working, you have less information than when they didn’t work. Because you’re not used to things working. You were trying, and it didn’t work, trying, and it didn’t work, trying, and it didn’t work. And then it worked. When it wasn’t working it was depressing, but at least it was familiar. When it works initially though, you might have had ten failures but you only have one success. So success, by nature, is a completely new thing because we always define it as something beyond our current experience.

Success is good and we should all strive for it. But you need to know ahead of time that when you succeed there’ll be this completely new challenge you’ll need to deal with and it can easily flatten you if you’re not ready.

Watch the video version below.