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Study learning not in the masturbatory
and pretentious sense of learning for the sake of learning

Don’t glorify learning over accomplishments. That’s just stupid and a symptom of a dying academic culture.

Study learning so you can accomplish things faster. Study learning so you can optimize it and understand that you don’t magic your
way to knowledge or magic your way to skills even though the end result totally seems like magic.

There are a set of steps that you can take that result in something we call learning. Once you understand them, they become a golden thread you can trace through every experience of growth
and you can consciously run that thread through a new subject any time you choose.

And study learning to find the joy in it not because it’s so great to be happy all the time.

But so that when it comes time to apply your newfound knowledge, you’re refreshed and invigorated by the preparation process instead of drained and tired.

Study learning because it helps you get stuff done.