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The reason we struggle with indecision is we’re confused between what we want to do and what we should do.

We create a web of possible options between what we think we want that might make life worse, and what we think we should that might make things better.

But to become powerful, we have to learn to want to do the same things we should do.

There are two ways to do this.

The first is to try things that you want to do, find out what happens, and through that process, learn to want better and better things.

For example, if you wanna touch a hot stove, and then you touch a hot stove, now you no longer want to touch a hot stove.

The second is to have faith in the thing you know you should do and move toward it until you see its value and desire it.

For example, you might hate working out, until you start to see the results, and then find yourself wishing you had more time to go to the gym.

In real life, you always have to do both. But your life will get better, if you start doing it on purpose.

When you really want something, go after it.

And when you know there’s something you don’t want that should be done, get it done.

This will make you calm, decisive, and powerful.

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