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Being slow to anger is a positive trait. But if you tend to get angry after you’ve had a conversation and the other person has already left, if have to do the math and carry the one to figure out if you’re angry, that’s not being slow to anger. That’s being out of touch with your emotions.

It’s totally okay and healthy to feel anger when someone says something that gives you good reason to be angry.

What matters is what you do with that anger.

Be slow to act on it. Not feel it.

Most of us misunderstand this idea and push our emotions downwards, telling ourselves we’ll feel and sort through them later.

But pushing emotions down to be felt later twists and poisons them into something much harder to process.

Pushing your anger down is the easy way out with a cost. It makes you boundry-less, unable to feel anger when you need it to protect yourself.

Learning control, learning to feel your emotions the moment they arise and maintain the control to choose whether or not you act on them…

this gives you the capacity to tap into the power that comes with those emotions.

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