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It’s really wild. We learn pretty young that working hard and waiting will get us what we want.

And if you’ve really learned this lesson then you actually want to work hard and are willing to wait to get the result you want.

But human physiology isn’t actually built that way. You don’t get a better body from always waiting to eat your meal or working out for longer and harder than you should.

And you don’t get a better mind from working past your point of endurance over and over again.

Living by overworking yourself is the result of one belief taking over your life, that if you work hard and be patient good things will come to you.

But what about remembering that you’re still a person that you need to take responsibility for? You have to put yourself to bed sometimes because you’re too ambitious. It doesn’t matter if your heart is in the right place if it isn’t beating. Or if you’re so overwhelmed with tasks that you’re incapable.

Quality rest can be the most powerful decision you make. I know you can push yourself to the ends of the earth to achieve success, you’ve been trying to do that for years. The real question is can you sit quietly in one place for five minutes and rest?

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