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If you’re unable to say ‘no’ to someone in your life it might be happening for several reasons.

One, is that it might be making you nervous. And if it’s too scary then the solution is to say no more often to smaller things that don’t feel like a big deal. You need practice.

Another reason is because you might believe that if you say no then you will displease another person and it will make your life worse. It might, but it’s almost always worse to avoid saying no. And most people that care about you appreciate knowing what you want and don’t want. It’s actually a favor to them.

And it might be because you believe you don’t deserve to say no. If this is the case then you’re looking at the world in a transactional way, thinking that you haven’t earned the right to say no, or that if you say no you will owe the person for another yes. But the world doesn’t work exactly like that. You can say no anytime you want just to see what happens.

Watch the video version below.