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If you find yourself wishing you could just have a normal day for once I highly recommend you give up.

When someone finds themselves wishing for a normal day that never seems to come it means they have a mistaken picture of what a normal day is.

Because here you are, something went wrong again, and your plan for the day was thrown off. And you’re frustrated because you wish it would have stayed on track. But if that happened yesterday, and the day before and everyday for the last year. Then that is what’s called a normal day.

And if you know this…if you know that things go wrong and it’s normal. Then you can accept it and not feel so upset or thrown off when things go wrong.

Assuming you should have a life without problems makes every problem worse.

Realizing that things go wrong all the time helps see the world as it is and makes you more capable of dealing with the problems when they come.

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