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If you define your life according to your good days. Then you won’t have many. Because if you have a good day where you’re performing at a high level and then make that your standard you will feel like a failure most of the time.

And when you do have a good day and you’re firing on all cylinders and you succeed at everything you’re trying to do your mind won’t think of it as a good day. It’ll just feel a sense of relief that you got back to the thing you’ve been calling normal and feel dread for the next day.

Because you were probably a bit manic the day you got everything done so you’re going to have a drop the next day and spend a week recovering.

You need to write your todo lists and set your goals based on an actual normal day, or maybe even a bad one. Because most of the time we aren’t doing the best work we can possibly do and if you make the best day your reference point for average you will be miserable.

But if you surpass your todo list because you wrote a humble one you will feel like you’re a badass, and when you feel like a badass you tend to be enthusiastic and work harder which means sometimes the way to achieve more is to demand less of yourself.

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