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Refusing to accept your darker desires makes you vulnerable to them.

Hanging on to the idea that you want to be nice all the time and you just want to make everything better for everyone is not a very honest way to see yourself.

Because the human animal comes with an infinite set of feelings. Some of them light and some of them dark. And to believe that you’re only half of them is to hide from the reality of your nature.

You’re born angry and dangerous and running away from that just makes you more angry and more dangerous because now you’re blind and full of rage for being denied who you are.

Better to notice that you have a dark side and embrace that as a part of who you are. And then you’ll have the power of choice over what action you take.

Knowing your emotions stops them from controlling you. Know that you’re dangerous, take pride in it, and you will be strong enough to make the world a safer place.

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