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If you’re afraid to go into the darker corners of your mind, because you think you might not come back out, then try using this to help.

Our mind gets stuck when it’s caught in a loop. And when we explore our darker thoughts, our loops are often fantasies or daydreams of a sort. The exploration of the shadow that’s helpful is more active. You tap into a daydream because your desires are found there, but then you go farther.

Maybe it’s a daydream where you have power over someone in a way that concerns you. If you stay there, you’ll start to crave it. But if you explore it deeper, asking yourself why you want to have that fantasy, maybe you’ll realize that you’re not giving yourself enough power over your own life, others are actually taking power from you, or you really do need to take on leadership somewhere.

Or maybe the fantasy is the opposite, and you want to be overtaken.

Maybe this is because you find yourself unable to let go of control in the real world. Daydreams by themselves can be loops that are damaging.

But recognizing the loop and its deeper cause can give you an empowering action to take in the real world.

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