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Crutches aren’t bad.

We like to use the word crutch as an insult. It’s common to claim that someone accomplished is using something as a crutch to help them succeed.

But all people have weaknesses. And life is really hard.

If you’ve found something external that strengthens your weak spots that’s a win. The danger is when the cost of using the crutch is greater than the benefit. Some addictive behaviors, for example, might begin as a helpful crutch and end in disaster.

But many crutches aren’t bad. It’s not bad to use a helmet when doing a flip off a bike ramp because your head is weaker than you need it to be to land on pavement safely.

It’s not wrong to set an alarm because you have a bad memory for taking out the trash.

And if you want to succeed at a high level and gain a competitive edge then finding external tools that build up both your strengths and weaknesses is immensely valuable.

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