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Believing in yourself without proof is one of the most ridiculous things ever brought up by the self development world.

Unstoppable belief without any evidence to back the belief is truly one of the most powerful things in the world. It’s the basis of most religions and it can enable a person to do things that seem like they should be impossible.

But it’s also one of the hardest things to do. Unyielding faith in something is the act of a champion who has already won almost everything worth winning.

To suggest to someone who doesn’t feel any belief in themself to simply believe they can do it won’t work for most people because that level of belief has to be developed.

If you want to achieve great things don’t just tell yourself you can do it. Go out and create tangible proof that you are worthy of belief. Manufacture events in your life that you can accomplish and hold that up for yourself as evidence and then develop a belief in yourself.

You have to know in your bones that you can succeed. Sure, in the perfect scenario you can flip a switch in your psychology and turn on that belief. But the fastest route to developing a belief in yourself is usually practicing accomplishment, not giving yourself a random act of faith that you don’t feel.