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Being nice doesn’t make you likable.

The human brain is designed to gather resources and look for threats. It’s also habit forming, which means anything that repeats and is not a threat will be ignored.

If you’re spending your time trying to show everyone that you’re not dangerous and you’re always available to help. Then you will at best be momentarily praised and then ignored.

Because your lack of danger makes you irrelevant to one part of the brain and your constant availability makes you habit forming and worthy of being taken for granted. It’s not that people are treating you unfairly after your acts of niceness. It’s that your not observing the laws of the nature of the human mind.

You should be nice occasionally because you desire to be nice, not because you think you should be or because it will get you something. Because it won’t.

Being nice isn’t how you get what you want. And when you fully internalize that truth your mind will be willing to look for more direct connections between what you want and how to get it.

There are other ways to make the world a better place than by laying yourself out as a doormat for everyone else.

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