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You can be incredible.

But you don’t know what form that incredible will take. Skill sets and accomplishments are developed over time and the path is winding. If you come up with a vision for the person you want to become it can fuel you to push towards that person.

But you have to remember that you might be an idiot right now and you’ll be smarter later and you don’t know if your vision is perfect.

Maybe you could become something even greater than what you imagine you could be.

But if you pursue your vision so doggedly you get tunnel vision you might not see better opportunities. You might not refine your vision.

Having belief in yourself and believing in a dream is great.

But telling yourself that you’re right here in the mud and your going to just try to make it a little better is sometimes the best solution. Because maybe after you do that for a couple days you’ll be a different person. Maybe you’ll be the person who comes up with better ideas than the person you are now.

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