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Beauty isn’t shallow. Beauty inspires artwork, starts wars, drives people to madness, and to perform acts of heroism and kindness that are beyond imagination.

If you ask anyone the meaning of life for long enough, they’ll eventually answer that maybe it’s to experience the cosmic wonder of the universe. Which happens to be terrifying, exhilarating, a lot of work, and if philosophers, artists, and thinkers around the world could pick one word, would be described as beautiful.

The idea of beauty can become shallow when it’s put inside a box or up on a pedestal… You absolutely want to be appreciated for your appearance. To say otherwise is to be disingenuous or ignorant of how important beauty is to you and the world. What you don’t want is for your beauty to be disconnected from who and what you are. To have your beauty appreciated in context is one of the greatest pleasures and powers you can experience. You don’t want to be a beautiful person without a purpose. You want to be a beautiful person with one.

Don’t sell yourself short by telling people not to appreciate you for your looks. Understand the power of beauty and encourage people around you to connect their appreciation to the rest of who you are, and who they are. Because beauty ties us together and, ultimately, it’s what we live for.

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