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People approve of people who don’t seek approval.

So if you seek approval you won’t receive it.

There are many things that dissapear when you chase them. Pleasure in most forms, for example, if you try to get more and more of it then it will become less and less effective until you don’t feel it at all.

Approval is like one of those things. The more you seek it out the less likely it is to be given. Because seeking approval usually makes others uncomfortable.

But you can get approval by seeking other things that are worthy of approval. By pursuing goals that are in line with who you are. At first, you will make others uncomfortable by this, but as you progress, you will begin offering value to the world through your positive results. And the people who you once wanted approval from will either give you that approval, or they’ll go their own way and you won’t feel as though you need them, because you’re going yours.

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