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Learn to bend without breaking.

Be a monster who grows every time a rock is thrown at you. Take the rocks and set them under your feet to make a sturdier foundation for yourself.

Become antifragile by learning to benefit from the chaos around you.

Entropy, the disorder of the universe that takes us all down eventually, turning beautiful cities into rotting ruins, burning stars into dying ones, and turning young people into the elderly, is something that can’t be denied.

But it’s possible to accept the fundamental disorder that exists, and order your life such that the disorder becomes a playful ride that strengthens and educates you.

Don’t reach too far before you’re ready.

Don’t belittle the small things you know you need to do.

Don’t let perfectionism make you brittle.

And don’t fear the mistakes you already know you’ll make.

The chaotic stardust that is our solar system is a place of danger that you can thrive on if you become dangerous yourself.

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