The generation before believed they needed someone to complete them. Millennials today believe they need to complete themselves. But this idea is flawed. Because what is a complete person? There’s no such thing. And if you assume that you should wait until you’ve worked out all your flaws before entering into a relationship you’ll never… Continue reading COMPLETE PERSON


If you want a fulfilling life learn the difference between craving and desire. Craving is the sensation of wanting something that throws you off balance. Desire is the sensation of want for something that balances you. Your desires are even more intense than your cravings when you tap into them, but they have the effect… Continue reading CRAVINGS VS DESIRE


If you’re unable to say no to someone in your life it might be happening for several reasons… One, is that it might just be making you nervous. And if it’s too scary, then the solution is to say “no” more often to smaller things that don’t feel like a big deal. You need practice.… Continue reading SAYING NO


The more you establish trust with someone the more you can act first and deal with questions later. The way to establish trust is by repeatedly acting first, dealing with questions later, and getting a positive result. Taking a risk is how you learn to trust. And trust enables you to take a risk. It’s… Continue reading LOOPS OF TRUST


If you’re looking for a better life then you need to understand the difference between a dream and a fantasy. Think of a dream as a picture of the person you could become. But a fantasy turns that dream into a place you create in your mind to escape to. Dreams are a beacon of… Continue reading DREAMS VS FANTASY


There’s a big difference between believing that you need permission to do something and believing that you’re free to act until something stops you. The first belief implies that you’re not in control. And any freedom given to you is a gift. Believing this makes you less creative and powerless. The second belief implies that… Continue reading NEEDING PERMISSION


If you want to achieve your dreams but they’re destroying you then give up on your dreams. This doesn’t mean take on the belief that you could never achieve them. It means take on the understanding that you aren’t currently capable of accomplishing the thing you desire. See yourself for who you are. If you… Continue reading GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS


Sit down and close your eyes. Breathe in and out once. Then breathe in, breathe out and hold your breath while pressing your hands together in front of you. Flexing your belly, and squeezing everything forwards in a closing motion, tightening the front of your body. Wait, and when you feel an instinct to breathe,… Continue reading A BREATHING EXERCISE


If you want to progress you have to go where play is found. Play is the place between newness and familiarity where progress can happen. You can’t actually progress very far by working at the edge of your ability. It’s occasionally useful but tears you down and requires too much recovery time to create consistent… Continue reading PROGRESS AND PLAY


Learn to bend without breaking. Be a monster who grows every time a rock is thrown at you. Take the rocks and set them under your feet to make a sturdier foundation for yourself. Become antifragile by learning to benefit from the chaos around you. Entropy, the disorder of the universe that takes us all… Continue reading ANTIFRAGILE