When you can’t get yourself to do the work think about this. You don’t need to do everything. You need to do something. You don’t need to do it perfectly. You need to do it better tomorrow. When you let go of impossible standards and realize that the most important thing you can do is… Continue reading TO DO THE WORK


If you feel weak and powerless then start making decisions. Don’t say that you like all music except that one genre none of your friends like either. Decide that you have a favorite band and song and find joy in defending them. Don’t just eat breakfast mindlessly, take a moment to decide what you want… Continue reading DECISIONS


Did you know that some people get depressed because of a lack of connection and others get depressed because of a lack of capability? And if you try to get someone to connect when they need to solve problems they will get more depressed. And if you try to solve the problems of someone who… Continue reading CONNECTION AND CAPABILITY


If you want to grow as a person you have to be willing to balance persistence with a willingness to change. There are times when you’ll need to keep doing something even when you don’t want to. There are just as many times when you’ll have to let go of an old habit to do… Continue reading A BETTER PERSON TOMORROW


Anxiety can become a temptation you want to indulge in all the time because you think it might solve your problems. Because anxiety is a part of problem-solving and it works. It helps you come up with solutions. But solving a problem takes two steps. Coming up with a solution and then acting on that… Continue reading ANXIETY AND TEMPTATION


Chaos is the garden. Order is the fence. The garden is a place full of beauty and creativity where anything can happen. The fence is an impressive structure that’s impenetrable and harsh. But a garden can’t create beautiful things if it’s not protected. Also, it will take over everything if it’s not contained. And a… Continue reading CHAOS & ORDER


It’s really wild. We learn pretty young that working hard and waiting will get us what we want. And if you’ve really learned this lesson then you actually want to work hard and are willing to wait to get the result you want. But human physiology isn’t actually built that way. You don’t get a… Continue reading SIT QUIETLY


Some people don’t need to push their limits. They need to limit their push. If you’re ambitious and you work so hard that you’re tired most of the time then you’re probably pushing too hard and in so many places that you’re making yourself stupid. You’re the person who has to make better decisions if… Continue reading LIMIT YOUR PUSH


mistakes are very strange creatures. we call them failures but they tell us what to do next. they’re teachers and guides. they’re every single drug that didn’t pass the clinical trials so that we could get the right ones administered. They’re every single ad that didn’t work in the split testing process. They’re every single… Continue reading MAKE MISTAKES