Being nice doesn’t make you likable. The human brain is designed to gather resources and look for threats. It’s also habit forming, which means anything that repeats and is not a threat will be ignored. If you’re spending your time trying to show everyone that you’re not dangerous and you’re always available to help. Then… Continue reading BEING NICE


“I reserve the right to do whatever I want.” This is where you’re going wrong with your todo lists. you forgot to put the disclaimer at the top. To do lists are really useful and you should make one. But a lot of people get extremely frustrated with to do lists and they can make… Continue reading TO DO LIST


In the room where you work, get a second chair and put it in the middle of the room, where it’s a little bit rude and in the way. When it’s time to do a task, tell yourself you can either sit in your work chair and do the work, or get up and sit… Continue reading SIT DOWN


Moments of enjoyment are rare. And there’s no particular reason to assume there will be a second moment. And people tend to dampen those joyful moments as a form of self preservation. We don’t want to be exposed to the fact that we might be let down later unpredictably. And we don’t want to face… Continue reading MOMENTS OF ENJOYMENT


The man willing to look after another is the man worthy of respect. When someone takes on responsibility for another person they’re doing something they don’t have to do. And even in the modern world it’s a voluntary sacrifice of epic proportions. Because the person you look after isn’t you. And when you choose to… Continue reading LOOKING AFTER ANOTHER


If you want to accomplish a lot of things in life, then practice removing indecision. Indecision is a luxury you don’t get to have if you want to move forwards. It’s a sensation that feels like an external force that stops you from doing what needs to be done because you think you have to… Continue reading INDECISION IS A LUXURY


Humility holds us back when we don’t understand what it is and we overuse it. We often think it means remembering that you’re not important. And at it’s worst we use it as a shame tactic on ourselves. But humility means close to the ground. The original word literally translates to “earth.” I believe it… Continue reading HUMILITY


There’s something inside that tells all of us we could do great things. And when someone tells a story about the magic that flows in our veins we come alive. We hold our hands up in the air and say yes. That’s me. I could do great things. But those great things don’t come from… Continue reading INCREDIBLE THINGS


I wish I would have learned this when I was younger. You don’t have to make money doing the thing you love. You can be a musician and have a job in finance. You can be an artist and work in the technology industry. And this doesn’t mean you’re being sucked dry of your creative… Continue reading DOING WHAT YOU LOVE


We make a terrible mistake of assuming we should know what’s going on. This makes utterly no sense, particularly if we’re high achievers. If someone seems like they really have it together it’s more likely that they’re dealing with things they don’t understand on a regular basis. Because progress comes from dealing with the unknown,… Continue reading HOW A BABY LEARNS