Design the life you want while increasing your performance along the way.

 If you…

1. Have some success but want to reach beyond it.

2. Have reached a point of abundance that seems to destroy your drive.

3. Have too many options.

4. You’re struggling in business, your personal life, or relationships, to go after what you want.

5. You’re trying to build a life that’s more meaningful in addition to your current success.

6. Need to become a leader within your life.





“I found Josh Terry when I was at a critical point in my physical and mental health. His non-traditional approach to performance coaching has helped me improve in many different aspects of life.

From social dynamics to entrepreneurial ventures, Josh has shifted many of my mental frameworks and allowed me to execute in an abundant mindset.

With his help, I was able to 7x my income, reduce my spending, and enhance my lifestyle as my social media presence scaled over the past year and a half.

He’s connected me with high-level individuals and solved pretty much every problem I’ve thrown at him. This guy is the real deal.”

– Jack Neel

Content Creator, Storyteller, and Dealmaker with 9m+ followers across social channels.

“As a jack-of-all-trades, I came to Josh with a billion ideas on what I wanted to implement.


I had choice paralysis.


Josh methodically helped me to understand my goals. The focused approach helped give me manageable milestones, giving me a sense of accomplishment over time.


Not only has it been a great learning opportunity, but it’s been a revelation on what can be accomplished with a more precise approach.”


– Andrew Chalkley


Senior Software Architect and Manager at eBay, Created the Modern Dating App Experience, Produced over 400 videos for Tech Education

Desire + Boundaries = Abundance

Desire is the gas, boundaries are the brakes, and abundance is the belief that you can drive the car.

This is the recipe you need:

  • State your desire.
  • Set a boundary.
  • Take action with those two things in mind.
  • Let the abundance that comes from acting with desire and boundaries increase the quality and power of the next thing you desire, and the next boundary you set.

You can’t drive a car without something to make the car move.

You can’t without something to make it stop.

And you definitely can’t drive without skillsets and the knowledge that you are in fact capable of doing so.

This is the same thing that happens in human performance.

At every level of performance, your desires and boundaries have to shift. The higher your performance goes, the tighter your boundaries need to be, the more desire and ambition you can pump into your system, and the faster you can run.

But you have to be present with where you’re at, and what is needed to perform at your optimal state in your business, relationships, and in your journey.

That’s what you need to build a business with vision, establish a legacy that’s worth moving toward, and do work that feels meaningful.

This is what I help people explore.

And while I believe the shutting down of desires and the discouragement of boundaries is a problem that runs through our society as a whole, I believe this is particularly present in people that have already hit a point of success or are born into wealthy families.

Imagine yourself like a spring of water that could dry up if you let yourself run without limits. If you put a dam up over the outflow you’ll temporarily limit how much water can get through, but you will become abundant yourself over time to the point that everything around you benefits from the fact that you put limitations on what you did, whether for yourself or others. Eventually, the water goes over the wall of the dam and you are such a full lake of ability and accomplishment, that you have extra energy to give away, and everyone wants to come to you to flourish themselves.

You need limits that you voluntarily set for yourself.

You’re a human meat bag. If you don’t have a skin that protects you from the world you’ll be in great danger. But if it doesn’t hold you together, and keep what’s inside of you from flowing out onto the ground, you’ll be in much greater danger.

You have to protect your thoughts and actions the same way you protect your physical body.

You have to come up with an outward desire, either for an accomplishment, to help others, or something else, because that fuels and inspires you. But you also must set limits on yourself, what you do for others, and how you allow others to interact with you. This builds your desire, gives you power, and the capability and conviction to act on the world.

Boundaries protect the inside from coming out as much as the outside going in.

No matter how much wealth and potential you have, you can only harness it once you’ve set limits on yourself, the world around you, and tapped into your vision for the future.

The first thing you have to acquire is abundance.

Once you have abundance, your motivation framework has to shift.

Certain types of motivation stop working.

This is something entrepreneurs, business owners, high-level employees, content creators, people who are born into wealth, or any who reach success, eventually realize.

To know why it stops working you have to look at how motivation itself works.

The two primary types of motivation are pain and pleasure.

Most people who are struggling to succeed are in pain and trying to move towards pleasure. Additionally, they punish themselves in different ways to add pain to their situation to get success faster. But once you’ve hit a certain level of success, the motivation of one-more-dollar, or even one-more-goal doesn’t drive you anymore. Because you already have what you need.

And when you’re at this point, punishing yourself to get to work feels stupid to a certain part of your brain. 

Because you’re in a good situation, but now you’re arbitrarily putting yourself in pain just to move out of it. And your brain is smarter than you and it knows that you could just stop doing that and you’d be fine. So you stop moving. This is why people who thought they were going to make 50 million dollars stop at one. Because now they’re fine. But they’re still dissatisfied because they still want to grow.

This need to be in pain, in order to move forward, creates value systems. What moves you out of pain is good and what keeps you in pain is bad. This is a natural part of the struggle for survival. This value system helps people make sense of the world. This is why a lot of people in poor countries don’t struggle with depression. Because they have an immediate struggle with survival. At the end of the day, if they’ve found enough food to survive they know they’ve succeeded, so they feel good about themselves.

The problem of survival is taken care of already for people who have succeeded. Which is great. It’s where we want more people in the world to be. But it comes with a problem. The value system of survival is no longer relevant. The structure of having serious pressing problems that you can get out of that helps you make sense of how you move forward in the world is gone. And along with it the motivations for growth.

So how do you grow?

You change your motivation. 

You have to move from a survival-based framework to one based on thriving. You have to change your primary driver from pain to pleasure. Not meaningless pleasure, but inspiring pursuits that drive you and are meaningful. And to do that you need desire.

Desire is a topic that’s often disregarded as though the desire is the problem, or it’s the thing that gets in the way. But it’s at the core of everything. People often say the phrase “you don’t need that you just want it” but what do you need? Food, water, clothing, and shelter? Why? Because you need to survive? Why? Because you want to.

At the core of every need lies a want. Desire is a fundamental aspect of the human experience and you have to tap into it to live the life you want. So I help people do that. I help people explore more deeply what they care about and what they want to see manifest in the world because when people are acting in line with their desires they act powerfully. They get better results in business, personal health and wellbeing, and in their relationships.

And once someone understands what they want, they have to say no to other aspects of life.

This is why I help people with boundaries. If you have something you want in life and you can’t say no to the things that stop you from getting what you want then you’ll never succeed. If you’re unable to state a clear desire because you’re too afraid you’ll shut yourself off to other options, if you’re afraid to commit to a business plan or niche, if you’re afraid to tell someone you like them or don’t, if you’re afraid to commit to one path towards health or another then you’ll never go anywhere. These are boundaries.

If you feel that you’ve never tapped into the full potential of who you could become then you haven’t tapped into the power of desire and boundaries and developed them like the muscles they are.

I’m not a motivational coach. I’m a results and big picture, find meaning coach. Or, more officially, lifestyle design and performance. But the core drivers of your mind, the motivational components, are the pieces that ultimately get you where you want to go.

If you know the world is open to you but you’re lost in how to approach your own personal journey, then desire and boundaries are the beginning of that journey. They’re how you figure out what matters to you in the universe. They’re how you find out what is meaningful for you to work on and critical to progress in any given endeavor. They’re the power that rests at the core of the human-animal. And that’s just the beginning.

If you want to work on developing what you do into a better vision of the future, book a meeting with me below and I’d love to talk with you.

Is this for you?

  • Maybe you’re an entrepreneur with a consistent business model. You know it’s time to build bigger, but you don’t know what that looks like, can’t find the drive to do it, or maybe you’re secretly asking yourself “What’s the point?”
  • Maybe you’re a content creator with a new following and the cash is rolling in. But everything is new, you don’t know what to build now that you have the opportunity to do so. It feels like the new wealth could disappear at any moment. And to top it off you now have a dangerous amount of free time to consider the fleeting tragic nature of your existence.
  • Maybe you grew up in an affluent household. And while everything you need is taken care of, you feel lost and unsure how to build something meaningful. You feel pressure to do better than the parents who raised you. And you want to throw it all up in the air and start over even though you have the chance to go farther than anyone has ever gone before.
  • Maybe you’ve made it at your job and you’re a high-paid employee, but you’re not sure what to do with yourself now that you’re here. You like your job. You have no reason to quit or start a side hustle. But you know you could grow further and you’re not sure how.

All of these things have elements in common: a lot of free time, a lot of opportunities, a lot of fear, not enough action or purpose, and an inability to tap into your true potential.

It can be debilitating.

It’s the problem of success that no one prepares you for, because most people are busy just trying to get there.

The solution comes in the form of mental frameworks, small actions that get bigger to reinforce those frameworks, and working through beliefs or past experiences that stop you from implementing those ideas.

I always start with the framework of desire and boundaries.

Because we desire positive movement (growth).

And you have to learn about what you want, to have something to move towards.

And because we have to be able to set the boundaries to say, “this is enough,” and “don’t try to stop me,” to start moving toward what you want and feel confident in your direction.

This is what’s needed to get what you want. If you want to start moving toward what you want. Then come talk to me.